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Our final question is a little more tricky than the others. We want to know the average duration of trips by registered members over the age of 30. Once we’ve discovered this difference in the data, there are many ways the company might be able to investigate it to better understand what’s causing it. We can imagine making two piles, one of all the males, one of all the females. We can already see how even a beginner-level command of SQL can help us answer business questions and find insights in our data. You’ll also notice that we use quote marks in this query.

To create a new table for orders, we execute a CREATE TABLE statement. In this statement, we define the table name of orders and then define the column names and basis sql the data types. When you have your own database, you get the freedom to customize it however you want, from the table structure to the actual data it houses.


We do that by using the logical operator OR and the comparison operators in WHERE. The three basic logical operators in SQL are AND, OR, and NOT. In the query below, we’ll  use OR to get salaries below 3,000 or above 5,000.

basis sql

SQL is the most widely-implemented database language and supported by the popular relational database systems, like MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle. However, some features of the SQL standard are implemented differently in different database systems. Used in data science, analytics, and engineering, SQL makes it easy to work with data and make more informed strategy, operations, and business decisions. It’s a helpful skill for anyone who works with data (even in non-tech roles). In this SQL course, you’ll learn how to manage large datasets and analyze real data.


SQL follows the long-established standards of ISO and ANSI, which offer a uniform platform across the globe to all its users. The IBM researchers Raymond Boyce and Donald Chamberlin originally developed the SEQUEL (Structured English Query Language) after learning from the paper given by E.F. They both developed the SQL at the San Jose Research laboratory of IBM Corporation in 1970. A classic query engine allows you to manage all the non-SQL queries. If you’re familiar with Boston, you’ll understand why these are the most popular stations.

  • We do that by using the logical operator OR and the comparison operators in WHERE.
  • You can use this query whenever you want to group data and show the average value for each group.
  • You can add or omit the keyword ASC to sort the output in ascending order.
  • We want to know the average duration of trips by registered members over the age of 30.

This ratio of basis applies to withdrawals, so if you withdraw $40,000, 20% is considered basis and is not taxed, which calculates to $8,000. In general, the basis is used by investors to gauge the profitability of delivery of cash or the actual and is also used to search for arbitrage opportunities. Such usage relates to the broader terms “cost basis” or “tax basis” and is specifically used when capital gains or losses are calculated for income tax filings.

SQL Insert

In other words, you simply need to write the queries on your own. That way, you’ll consolidate all the concepts you learned here. This is desirable, as there’s no better way of learning than trying to correct your own mistakes. Compare this to the output from the eleventh example (shown below; mind the different sorting), and you’ll see that the totals are lower.

basis sql

Perhaps this is an indication that “Registered” users are more aware of the extra fees for long trips. Maybe Hubway could do a better job of conveying their pricing structure to Casual users to help them avoid overage charges. Using these commands in this way will return the single row with the longest duration, which will provide us the answer to our question.

basis sql

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